Kids @ HMCPL

Friday Fun and Games

Owl Program

Whooo?  Whooo?  Whooo is that???  Why, it's an owl in the library!  That's right there will be an owl in library.  Join us as we learn more about these nocturnal birds.   

Friday Fun and Games

Animal Show

LIVE ANIMALS!  This animal show will feature some of the coolest animals that only come out at night.  You will not want to miss this.

Friday Fun and Games

Alabama Youth Ballet Theatre

Learn more about dance and ballet at this fun program featuring dancers from Alabama Youth Ballet Theatre. 

Friday Fun and Games

Let's Visit the Solar System

Wacky Science Club is back with a fun hands-on program all about the solar system.    

Friday Fun and Games

Von Braun Astronomical Society

Have you ever wondered about outer space?  What is really out there?  Find out when the Von Braun Astronomical Society visits Friday Fun and Games.

Friday Fun and Games

Speleological Society Bat Program on Green Mountain

What makes a bat, a bat?  Meet us at Green Mountain pavillion and Batty Pati will be teaching us all about our favorite furry fliers and one of our librarians will dress up like a bat!  Afterwards, we will take a short nature walk to the covered bridge.  If raining, this program will be moved to Bailey Cove Library.

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