Kids @ HMCPL

Make and Take Craft Day


The kids are out of school for Winter Break, the shopping is done, and it’s not quite time for Christmas yet.  What is there to do?  Easy, come to the Main-Huntsville Public Library for Holiday Make and Take Craft Day!  Christmas craft supplies and instructions will be set up in the Library Auditorium from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  You can enjoy making fun Holiday crafts with your children.  It's easy, creative, constructive, and FREE!

Storytime with Santa!


Santa is really busy this time of year, but he has agreed to make time in his schedule to visit the Main Library!  Christmas stories will be read, songs will be sung, and then Santa will make his appearance.  Kids will be able to have milk and cookies with Santa.  You won’t want to miss this exciting holiday experience!

Let’s Find Out: How Do You Celebrate Hanukkah?


Many children are curious about the way their friends celebrate holidays. Hanukkah is an interesting holiday with a focus of life, family, and unity.   In this fun program, children will be introduced to the stories, games, and crafts associated with Hanukkah.  This program is appropriate for families of any faith who are interested in learning more about this holiday.  

Holiday Make and Take Day at Bailey Cove

Take a break from shopping and stop in with the children for crafting fun.  Holiday crafts for the children will be in the meeting room at Bailey Cove Library all day today.  Please join us!

Time Management for Kids: Decreasing Stress-Increasing

Now that school and after school activities are in full swing, it is time to get organized! We all know it takes careful planning for parents and kids to accomplish all the necessary tasks that are required of school, sports and activities over the course of a 24-hour day. This workshop will provide parents with a range of tools and techniques they can use to help their children manage time to accomplish specific tasks, projects and goals.

Join us each month at 5pm for a special 15-30 minute long informational session on parenting a productive student here in Madison County. All sessions are hosted by MCEC (Military Child Education Coalition).

Dance Storytime for Preschoolers

Join Miss Lexie and her dancing friend Miss Leigh Ann for a fun dance themed storytime!  Miss Leigh Ann will be showing off several different kinds of dance shoes, the dances you perform in each type of shoe, and some of her fun dance costumes.  We will read two or three books about dance then get up and dance with Miss Leigh Ann!  You won't want to miss this.  This event is perfect for preschoolers, ages 3-5.

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