Kids @ HMCPL

Book Explorers Present: Dancing Around the World with NEEMA International Performing Arts Center

NEEMA International Performing Arts Center is dedicated to providing the North Alabama Area with cultural diversity in dance and musical instruction. During this presentation they will show examples of dance from around the world. 

You can learn more about NEEMA International Performing Arts Center at:

This event is perfect for children in grades K-2nd.

Book Explorers Present: Let's Explore Germany with the Friends of German Culture

Friends of German Culture is the local German American Association in Huntsville.  A representative will be on hand to show some of the native clothing, activities, and games German children enjoy.  You'll find out German kids are just like American kids: they love to have fun!  At the end you'll be able to sample some authentic German cuisine.

Learn more about Friends of German Culture at:

This event is perfect for children in grades K-2nd.

Book Explorers Present: A World of Magic, with local magician Mr. Krugh

If you've been to Summer Reading in the past three years, then you know how good Mr. Krugh's magic show is.  If you haven't been, then know that you are in for a treat!  Local magician Mr. Waymon Krugh will demonstrate some astounding, awe-inspiring magic tricks.  You won't want to miss this!

This event is perfect for children in grades K-2nd.

Book Explorers Present: We Like to Move It, Move It! With The Little Gym of Huntsville

Get your wiggles out with The Little Gym of Huntsville!  They will demonstrate a typical Little Gym program.  Their professionally developed, non-competitive programs have been designed to build motor skills in a fun and nurturing environment, while fostering enhanced emotional, intellectual and social skills.

For more information about The Little Gym, please visit:

This event is perfect for children in grades K-2nd.

A Visit with the Huntsville Irish Dancers

You've sat still all summer through the Super Duper Science Club programs.  Now it's time to get up and MOVE!  Join the Huntsville Irish Dancers as they demonstrate some of the moves of Irish Dance, teach a little bit about the Irish Culture, and then teach the audience some steps!

This program is appropriate for all ages.

Super Duper Science Club Presents: Going Buggy with Cook's Pest Control

Ew, bugs! Learn all kinds of fascinating facts about our local creepy crawlies.  Cook's Pest Control will talk about local bugs, some basic entomology, and the science behind pest control.

This event is appropriate for children in grades 3rd- 5th. 

The Super Duper Science Club events are designed to increase children's natural interest in science and the world around them.  Some of the program may contain concepts that are difficult for younger children to understand or sit still for.  We ask for the help of parents and caregivers to follow the suggested age guidelines and to remove younger children who become a distraction during the event.

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