Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Policy

The Huntsville Madison County Public Library affirms its support of equal access for persons with disabilities and of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Library seeks to make its services, facilities, and programs as accessible as possible to the public, including those who have disabilities.

The Main Library offers the special services of the Blind and Physically Handicapped Department (B &PH), which provides a collection of audio and Braille materials from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS).  Patrons of the B & PH Department who meet the NLS requirements may receive materials by postage-free mail.  Assistive computer technology and limited physical assistance from the Blind and Physically Handicapped staff are also available.


Persons may wish to request accommodations or make complaints about accessibility at the Library.  The following procedures have been developed in order to assist the Library in addressing these concerns:  

Step One: Requests for accommodation and/or complaints about accessibility can be presented in person, by mail, email, or over the phone. These should be addressed to the Library Director who then makes every attempt to provide accommodation and/or resolve the issue.

Step Two: If resolution is not achieved by Step One, a complaint can be presented in writing on an Accessibility Concerns Form. Assistance in completing this form is provided as needed. Completed forms are reviewed by the Library Director and a formal response is made to the library user within ten working days of the date of original submission of the form. The formal response can be a telephone call, followed by a letter confirming the telephone discussion, or directly by letter. The Library Director will make every attempt to resolve the issue through this means.

Step Three: If resolution is not achieved by Step Two, the concerned individual can request that the complaint be presented to the Library Board. The Library Director will place the matter on the agenda so that the concerned individual can present his or her concern at the next regularly scheduled Library Board meeting.

Download the Accessibility Concerns Form (.rtf format)