Room Reservations

Meeting, Conference and Study rooms are now open for reservation requests by Library cardholders.

Smaller groups or individuals may use study rooms. To reserve a study room contact the locations directly: Downtown (email or call 256-532-5975), Madison (email or call 256-461-0046), or South Huntsville (email or call 881-0257). Walk-ins are welcome if rooms are available.

Larger rooms or meeting rooms with fee-based options are available with seven (7) days advanced notice at Downtown, Gurley, Madison, South Huntsville, or Hazel Green.  To reserve a meeting room, please reference the optional charges and then either email, call 256-532-5974 (For Downtown call 256-532-5948), or fill out the request form. We will get back to you during business hours.

Visit this link to book our MakerSpaces.