Filming and Photography

Filming and photography is allowed at all locations of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library (HMCPL) as described below only to the extent that it does not interfere with the delivery of library services and is consistent with the Library's mission. All parties involved in filming and photography are expected to follow the Library Policies.


Persons filming or photographing on library premises have sole responsibility for gaining all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are filmed or photographed. The Library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining these releases. Library staff may terminate any photo/video session that violates Library policies or appears to compromise public safety or security.


Library Sponsored Programs

Classes or events sponsored by the HMCPL may be photographed or video-recorded by the Library’s staff or its representatives. Attendance at an HMCPL-sponsored class or event constitutes the consent of all attendees, and the consent of the parents or legal guardians of any minor children in attendance, to the future broadcast, publication, or other use of photographs or videos at the sole discretion of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library.


Amateur Photography

Casual amateur photography and videotaping is permitted in public areas of library facilities for customers and visitors wanting a remembrance of their visit. The use of additional equipment such as lighting and tripods is not permitted. Amateur photographers have explicit responsibility for gaining all necessary releases and permissions from persons who are filmed or photographed.


News Media Photography

The Library has an open door policy for news media photographers and reporters who are doing stories or projects that directly involve the Library and its programs, resources and services. Advance authorization for such coverage must be obtained from the 

Library's Director of Public Relations and/or Executive Director.


Documentary-Type Photography for Publication or Broadcast

No photography or filming intended for broadcast or publication may occur in Library facilities without the prior written permission and approval of the Director of Public Relations and/or the Executive Director. Such approval shall contain the conditions under which the photography or filming will take place, and address the rights to ownership of the photos/films.


Photography for Groups and Non-Library Events in Meeting Rooms

Groups renting Library facilities may arrange for photographers and news media during their event. Filming and photography for such events is restricted to the space reserved by the group and may not take place in other areas of the Library.


All Other Requests

All other individuals, nonprofits or commercial entities interested in taking video or photographs in the Library must contact the Director of Public Relations for more information. Proof of insurance and other requirements will be necessary.


This policy is not intended to prohibit photography and filming at the Huntsville Madison County Public Library, but to prevent the disruption of library services.