Display and Distribution of Free Materials

Library-produced displays, handouts, announcements, etc.  provide information to the public on Library programs and events.  These materials may be displayed on Library public service desks and other areas designated for Library use only.

The Library has a limited amount of space available for the distribution of free literature and displays. Only materials for non-profit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities in the community may be displayed.  The Library does not endorse the activities and information contained in these non-Library displays and promotional materials.

Guidelines for the display of nonprofit organization materials and information: 

  • Materials must be approved by the Library Department or Branch Manager where the display will be located.
  • Political campaign advertising and notices advocating or promoting partisan political issues will not be allowed.
  • Materials will be displayed for limited periods of time only.  Items will be removed at the discretion of the Library staff.
  • The Library reserves the right to establish time, place and manner restrictions for the display of materials.  The Library also reserves the right to restrict the geographic area from which materials will be accepted and to determine the frequency with which material may be posted for the same group.

Approved Date:  7/15/2009