The Library is available to the public for the reading and enjoyment of library materials and to support the research and educational needs of its patrons. As part of this educational purpose, the Library permits tutoring on the premises in accordance with this policy.

Any individual or business that requires a business license to operate cannot conduct paid tutoring sessions at any location of the Library. All tutoring that takes place in the Main Library or the Branch Libraries, whether by an individual or a business, must be free of charge.

The Library does not sponsor, recommend, or assume liability or responsibility for the work and/or activities of tutors who use Library space. Tutors may not publish or distribute advertisement or letters identifying the Library as their place of doing business or imply Library sponsorship of their activities.

Depending upon the Library location, meeting room space may be available for use by tutors who are not charging for their services. Each location will determine the best use of its meeting room(s) as well as the appropriateness and availability of these rooms for tutoring sessions.

Tutoring in accordance with this policy is allowed in open study and reading areas if such activity does not disturb staff or Library users. Tutors and their students must comply with all rules, guidelines and procedures governing behavior in the Library.

Approved Date: 4/15/09