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Rooms FAQ

Questions about reserving our rooms?

  • Who can I talk to about my room reservation? Each location that has rooms available also has personnel who act as that location’s “Space Manager.” If you need assistance you can ask any library staff member for the Space Manager or contact them through email at the Bailey Cove, Downtown Huntsville, Gurley, Hazel Green, Madison or Murphy libraries.

  • Who can reserve a room? Non-Profit Organizations may book the larger rooms. Individuals may book the smaller rooms. 

  • How far in advance can I reserve a room? Six months for the larger rooms and one week for the smaller rooms

  • How soon can I reserve a room? One week advanced notice for the larger rooms, immediately for the smaller rooms.

  • How many reservations can I make? Up to six in a six month period in the larger rooms and one at a time for the smaller rooms.

  • How many people can fit comfortably in a room? While the maximum capacities are built into the software, this page has more details on room capacities. Please be aware seating or table arrangements may reduce Accessibility or comfort levels. Library staff will intervene if Accessibility is jeopardized.

  • Why do I have to use the Online Reservation System to book a room? In order to make reserving a room more equitable for all our patrons it is necessary that you book your room online.

  • How do I use the Online Reservation System? We have set up an instruction page that may be helpful.

  • What do the different colors in the Online Reservation System mean? Here is an annotated color key which might be useful.

  • Why do I need a verified account to use the system? We need to make sure we can send you messages about your reservation, so you’ll need access to your email account for verification during the account creation process. Once you verify your email, you’ll be sent back to the web page to finish your request.

  • Why do I not see the verification or password reset email? We recommend that you whitelist the email address "" so that you always receive our emails. Some mail clients won't show the verification link unless it is viewed in HTML or "web view." Also, Check your junk or spam folders if the email seems to not have arrived.

  • Can you add my organization to the Online Reservation System? Yes, just let us know in the notes field of the request or contact your Space Manager through email at Bailey Cove, Downtown Huntsville, Gurley, Hazel Green, Madison or Murphy.

  • Who can create reservation requests for my organization? Usually just one member, however if more than one individual is creating reservations, the Organization will need to use a shared email address to create the reservation requests.  

  • Can I edit or cancel my reservation? You may cancel your study and conference room via the link you were sent when you created the reservation. The larger meeting room reservations may be edited, copied or canceled in your account dashboard in the Online Reservation System.

  • May I use the Audio/Visual equipment? Yes, we'll gladly allow you to rent our A/V equipment if it is available for the room you require. In the option for each room you’ll see “Audiovisual Package (with MIC)” or “Audiovisual Package (without MIC).” If you need specific items an A/V Equipment List is also available, please let your Space Manager know your requirements. You'll be able to choose which equipment option you need when you select your room in the Online Reservation System. Contact your Space Manager with your Application for Organization Card to get started.

  • May I bring my own A/V equipment? Yes, you are welcome to set up your own equipment.

  • May I bring food or beverages to the rooms? Yes, to the larger meeting rooms.

  • Can the Library promote my event? You are welcome to bring or send a flyer to your Space Manager and they will add it to the Community Bulletin Board at their location. At this time there is not an online calendar which will show your room reservation.

  • May I have the room set up for me? Meeting room groups are responsible for their own furniture set ups. We encourage you book at least a half an hour of time prior to the meeting to arrange furniture while the Library is open. The Online Reservation System will not allow bookings to start at library opening time, but 30 minutes afterward.

  • What should I know about using the specific rooms? There is more information on the instruction page and notes about each room may also be found in the Online Reservation System.

  • May I continue to use the room after the Library is closed? Patron events are required to end before the hosting branch closes. Cleanup must be completed at least five minutes before the Library closes and organizations will be billed $10 for every five minutes past closing.

  • How do I access the Online Reservation System? Visit these links and read the room policies, provide your name and email in the fields provided at the bottom of the page. Accept the terms and click submit to be brought into the software.

  • What do I do if I need more information? Contact your Space Manager at the Bailey Cove, Downtown Huntsville, Gurley, Hazel Green, Madison or Murphy locations.

Thank you for using our rooms!