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Meeting Room Policies

The Meeting Rooms of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library are provided to further the Library's mission to meet the informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community.  The primary use of the meeting rooms is for Library programs. 

Eligible Organizations

In addition to library programming, the rooms are available to non-profit organizations located in Huntsville, Madison and/or Madison County.  The following types of organizations are eligible:

  1. Friends of the Library or Huntsville Library Foundation
  2. Educational
  3. Civic
  4. Cultural
  5. Governmental (meaning a group sponsored by a city, county, state or federal agency)
  6. Denominational groups, organizations, or associations, affiliated with more than one church, will be allowed the use of the meeting rooms when no religious services are to be conducted.  While no group shall be denied access based on the content of their meetings or religious views expressed therein, the meeting rooms are not designed to be used for regular church services for any one organization or to provide a forum to organize or build membership for one particular church, congregation or equivalent thereof. 

Individuals are not eligible to use the library meeting rooms unless they officially represent one of the groups that meets the requirements listed above.

A non-profit group that meets the eligibility requirements above but is not based in Huntsville, Madison and/or Madison County may be considered for use of a meeting room if the organization is providing a service to local residents.

Organizations may be required to provide written documentation of non-profit status (which may include charter, bylaws, or articles of incorporation or such other documentation as may be requested) to the Library Administration 72 hours prior to the use of the meeting room.

Unacceptable Uses of Rooms

Rooms are not available for the following:

  1. Private social purposes, such as weddings, family reunions, receptions, dinners, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.
  2. Promotion of commercial products or services
  3. Political campaign events for one candidate or candidates of one political party.
  4. Paid tutoring sessions.

Library's Right to Deny or Cancel Use

The Library reserves the right to deny or cancel use of a meeting room to qualified groups for the following reasons:

  1. Library sponsored programs and events take precedence over meeting room use by outside organizations. If cancellation of a scheduled program is necessary, notice will be given as soon as reasonably possible.
  2. The group is using the room for an initial introductory or explanatory meeting to be followed by other meetings in another location where fees will be charged.
  3. The group has violated a rule or has misrepresented the purpose of the organization or meeting to be held at the Library.

Admission Fees and Charges

No fees, admission or other charges, sales of any kind, or solicitation of funds will be allowed for any non-Library sponsored function.

Programs that are sponsored by the Library or a Library-related organization may involve profit-making groups and fees or admission charges.  The sale of books or materials may also take place at an event sponsored by the Library or a Library-related organization.

Hours Available

The meeting rooms are available during the Library's regular operating hours. 


Reservations are accepted Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Generally, a meeting room should be booked at least one month prior to the event, but not earlier than one year.  A completed meeting room application must be on file at the Library and must be updated annually.

Room Setup and Cleanup

Any organization using a meeting room is responsible for setting up the room according to its own needs.  Library staff are not responsible  for room setup.

After a meeting, rearranged tables and chairs must be returned to their original setup.  A $25 fee will be deducted from the damage deposit if the room is not left in the original setup.

Groups must allow time for the setup and cleanup of the room during the Library's regular hours.  Cleanup must be completed at least five minutes before the Library closes.


The Library has very limited audiovisual equipment available (please see attached equipment list).  A fee is charged to use the equipment.  Users of Library equipment are responsible for familiarizing themselves with its operation in advance of the meeting, and for the setup and operation of the equipment during the meeting.  Library staff are not available to operate equipment.  It is recommended that users provide their own audiovisual equipment if possible. 

Wireless Internet access is available in the meeting rooms to library cardholders.  A library card pin number is also required.


No wall decorations are allowed.  All decorations must be removed at the end of the meeting.  Confetti, candles and other open flames are prohibited.

General Rules

All meetings must abide by the following:

  1. No illegal activities are allowed.
  2. The distribution and/or consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
  3. No red drinks may be served. 
  4. All meetings must be open to the general public. 
  5. No regular classroom meetings are permitted.
  6. Library employees do not take telephone messages for people attending meetings.
  7. Groups using the meeting room will be expected to conform to all library rules as required of other patrons.
  8. A $50.00 damage deposit is charged for the Main Library Auditorium and the Bailey Cove, Eleanor E. Murphy and Madison Public Library meeting rooms.  The deposit must be paid in advance.  Applicable equipment fees must also be paid prior to the meeting.  A $2.50 surcharge will be added if the deposit is paid by credit card.  The deposit will be returned if the room is left in good condition and furniture is placed in its original setup.  The $2.50 surcharge for credit card payment will not be returned.
  9. Groups that are not considerate of library policies will be denied further use of the meeting rooms. 
  10. Groups which have been approved to use the meeting rooms will receive a copy of these policies and must have a responsible party at least 18 years old sign the accompanying form that they will abide by these policies.
  11. Youth organizations using a meeting room must have at least two adults (18 and over) present at all times.
  12. The Library may require proof that any public audiovisual presentation is not in conflict with copyright laws.
  13. The Library establishes capacity for each room.  Groups are responsible for ensuring attendance at meetings does not exceed capacity.
  14. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal injuries, thefts or losses of private property while on or using Library facilities.
  15. The Library reserves the right to enforce fire codes, noise limitations or any other rule approved by the Library Board.

Approved Date:  3/18/09