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Need a place to have your next meeting?

Non-profit organizations needing meeting space or individuals needing a study room are welcome to reserve or book a room using our Online Reservation System.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far in advance can I reserve a room? Six months.
  • How soon can I reserve a room? One week advanced notice for the larger meeting rooms, immediately for the small study rooms.
  • How many reservations for a meeting room can an organization make? One meeting room reservation per month (30 days).
  • How many bookings for a study room can an individual make? Multiple small study rooms are allowed, however there is a limit to 9 hours per week in three hour increments.
  • How many rooms can a person or organization reserve within a month? One, additional rooms would require approval from local management. Multiple small study rooms are allowed.
  • How many people can fit comfortably in a room? While the maximum capacities are posted (see this page for a comparision of room capacities), please be aware seating or table arrangements may reduce accessibility or comfort levels. Library staff will intervene if accessibility is jeopardized.
  • Why do I have to use the Online Reservation System to book a room? In order to make reserving a room more equitable for all our patrons (starting 12/1/15) it will be necessary that you book your room online.
  • May I use the Audio/Visual equipment? Yes, we'll gladly allow you to rent our A/V equipment. An equipment rental fee sheet is available; please note that not all rooms offer audiovisual equipment rentals. You'll be able to choose equipment when you select your room in the Online Reservation System. There is an application that is required to rent the audio-visual equipment; the card can be obtained by submitting the completed application to the Downtown Audio/Visual Desk:
  • May I bring my own A/V equipment? Yes, you are welcome to set up your own equipment.
  • May I have the room set up for me? Meeting room groups are responsible for their own furniture set ups and groups are encouraged to book at least a half an hour of time prior to the meeting to arrange furniture while the Library is open.
  • What should I know about using the Auditorium at the Downtown Huntsville Library?
    • A/V tips: Outlets for HDMI and VGA feeds from your laptop and microphone are located on the lower left wall of the stage. There is an additional outlet for the microphone in the center rise of the stage. The screen can be operated by two metal switches on the right side of the stage at about shoulder height on the wall. If you need sound adjustment, please contact the Security & Logistics Services Manager. If you've rented A/V equipment, be sure to return it to the Security & Logistics Services Manager, or you will be charged extra.
    • Furniture tips: Tables and chairs are stored in a double door closet, just to the left as you walk through the front door. Please book time into your reservation to set up the room. Using just chairs, seating capacity is about 140, using tables and chairs the capacity is about 70. We have approximately 150 chairs and 15 rectangular tables (a mix of 6 and 8 ft. tables). We do not have round tables.
    • Electricity tips: If warming devices need to be plugged into the outlets of the walls, please note that only one device can be plugged in per each side of the Auditorium. If you a plug in more than one device, the circuit breaker will go out for that section of the building.
  • May I continue to use the room after the Library is closed? Patron events are required to end before the hosting branch closes. Cleanup must be completed at least five minutes before the library closes and organizations will be billed $10 for every five minutes past closing.
  • Which rooms may be booked immediately?
    • Meeting Room C
    • Meeting Room D
    • Meeting Room G
    • Small Study Room 1
    • Small Study Room 2
    • Small Study Room 3
    • Small Study Room 4
    • Huntsville Library Foundation Conference Room
  • Which rooms may be reserved no less than one week in advance?
    • Hazel Green Meeting Room
    • Madison Meeting Room
    • Gurley Meeting Room
    • Eleanor Murphy Meeting Room
    • Bailey Cove Meeting Room
    • Downtown Huntsville Library 1st Floor Auditorium, Meeting Room A, Meeting Room B, Meeting Room A & B
  • How do I access the booking pages? Use one of these links to read and accept the policies, then you'll be in the Online Reservation System: